Federal marijuana legalization will help those in pain

Cannabis is already legal in 18 states, it’s time the U.S. Legislature gets with the trend

There is bill in that has passed the House of Representatives that would federally legalize the sale and use of marijuana.  Laws like this at a state level have actually brought positive results in other states. Fewer people are prosecuted for petty drug crimes and it generates tax revenue. 

It is often suggested that using marijuana may lessen the side effects of chemotherapy treatment and that it may benefit people who live with chronic pain but this, unfortunately, is hard to prove because Federal laws prohibits the testing of it. 

Should this law pass particularly in Iowa it would benefit patients with cancer, though, right now there are only a couple medical dispensaries in Iowa that a patient may use. 

People who seek to use medical marijuana must first have an illness that qualifies – typically only end stage cancer and then they must find a doctor willing to fill out the paperwork to certify their need, and pay the processing fee. 

Then they or a representative may travel to pick it up. It cannot be mailed because of Federal law, so for someone to get their legal medical marijuana it can mean a drive of several hours while in excruciating pain. 

By legalizing marijuana, it allows for its production to be regulated which means safety standards are in place and it means people will stop going to jail for smoking it in the privacy of their own homes.  

Put yourself in to the shoes of someone who watched a loved one suffer from horrible pain but there was no way to treat that pain. Think about how that might feel, because I can honestly tell you that it is hell. Some of our classmates have won their battle with cancer, some may have lost someone to the fight. I know that I would have done anything to make getting pain treatment easier for my dad.

I am asking students to message their representatives so they know you care about legalizing marijuana. Share on your social media that you care about this. Every bit of attention that this gets is important.

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