Finding the right online learning style to fit needs

Kirkwood Community College offers a variety of classes that can meet students’ needs. From complete online to in-person and hybrids, in most cases, students can choose the type of class that works best for them. 

However, in-person and online classes differ from each other depending on the instructor and on how they format those classes. One of the most eye catching is how online classes are set up. 

 There are two main ways online classes are formatted. One of them is releasing assignments and lessons weekly while the other shows every assignment and lesson as soon as the class is available to students. Both have their pros and cons and those can vary student to student. 

 Online classes that release assignments and lessons weekly can feel less overwhelming compared to seeing everything opened and needing completion all at once. It can help with time management and routine knowing they need to check in every week for a new assignment. And, some may feel reassured that there is an instructor with assignments being unlocked. 

There are down sides to the format however, such as wanting to work ahead and not being able to continue.  

Meanwhile, online classes that release everything at once can help students get ahead if they are quick to understand the subject and assignments. Students don’t need to feel frustrated with how slow the overall class is going and can go at a pace they prefer. 

There is less stress about being stuck on a certain topic or assignment and not being able to progress. However, it’s easier to fall behind when students aren’t paying attention to due dates and at first glance, everything looks overwhelming. 

Both formats are great for students and while it is important to adjust to both, some students may prefer one over the other. Others may even struggle with one format but can overall do well with online classes. Regardless of the online format, don’t be afraid to reach out to your instructor for help if you have any questions or concerns about the class and being aware of which format works or doesn’t work for you and how to overcome the challenges. 

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