Fostering connection through clubs

Between classes, assignments, work and keeping in-touch with friends and family, one may wonder how there might be time for joining one of Kirkwood Community College’s many clubs. But, those who have made the time to get involved will likely say that it’s worth it.

According to bestcolleges.com, “Joining an on-campus club can provide personal, social and professional benefits. Clubs can help you find community, make friends, network and have fun.”

Most club  meetings at Kirkwood are scheduled during Activity Hour on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11:15 a.m. to 12:10 p.m. This means the time is built-in and students have an open slot during the school day to attend a club meeting.   

There are a variety of general interest clubs that offer a simple way to make new friends and meet people outside one’s major. Participating in a club is also one way to take a break from class and work to do something different.

Joining a club early on can help students feel more connected to Kirkwood and provides the opportunity to learn more about what’s going on, helping to develop a sense of community.  

Kirkwood seems to have it all, from academic organizations to sports or just general interests. Whether students enjoy casual games, dance, leadership or are looking for support offered through the Pride Club, Black Student Union or others, the college offers many options.    

If you’re unable to find a club that suits your interest, you can start one. According to Kirkwood’s website, registered students or staff can start a club with the help of Student Life. A starting point includes having at least five students interested in the club and a staff member who can serve as an advisor. Then, a student and the advisor will meet with Student Life to get into the specifics of the club. 

Whether you’re taking part in Kirkwood’s activities, joining a club or creating one of your own, it’s a great chance to take a much-needed break from classes and work to meet new people.

A complete list of clubs can be found at www.kirkwood.edu/clubs

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