Get a refreshed state of mind

Spring is a season of new beginnings and new opportunities. However, for college students, those new beginnings mean beginning a new assignment and the new opportunities are work studies and transfer plans.  

The spring semester of college weighs heavier than the fall. Students are much more optimistic of the incoming school year before they’ve experienced it. Not to say the spring semester is full of negativity but there is a higher level of stress. Some students are preparing to graduate while others are meeting with their adviser to plot the next semester. Everyone is focused on the next step. The brief week off is a welcome break from it. 

When most students talk about spring break plans, a handful are embarking on trips to beaches and foreign countries but the majority are planning to pick up hours at work or catch up on tasks at home. Few people actually take the time for themselves.  

We want to encourage you to remember: Spring break is for you. Don’t neglect your own well-being in favor of someone else’s. Most students’ mental, emotional and physical health has been on the back-burner while they’re busy churning out paper after paper. Where’s the ‘you’ time? 

We suggest using spring break to rest and do activities you’re interested in rather than staying up to work ahead in online courses. Those classes will still be there when you come back on Monday and we can promise your instructor isn’t looking at Talon over break either. 

Instead, use those extra hours to take a nap. Catch up on all the sleep you lost this semester. If you’re well-rested, then go for a walk, enjoy the weather. 

The moral of our story is to not take on extra work over spring break. There’s plenty of time for that but there’s never enough time for you.

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