How to stay motivated for work-at-home winter

Photo by Chris Klepach.

As students of Kirkwood, we often find ourselves in a position where it can be difficult to find the energy or motivation to do what you need to do at home in winter. I myself had faced many obstacles with that in my classes. I have found in my experiences with online learning, I was able to find the motivation to complete my assignments using the following advice. 

One thing that is very important is to create momentum in your productivity. That is, find something simple you can do around the house first. It can be cleaning your room or organizing your belongings. This will make you want to do more to chase the satisfaction of completing a simple task. Finding something productive to do first will gradually give you the motivation to complete your projects or assignments.  

Listening to music is another way to motivate you during bigger assignments. Music for me has always done the trick to keep me concentrated. It immerses you in your work and brings you into a headspace where it is just you and the work in front of you. Certain types of music are better at engaging your focus more than others. For me, that type is 70’s funk, but everyone has their own! 

I may sound like your parents on this one, but it’s true: keep the phone away or hidden from yourself if you can. One moment, you’re scrolling on Instagram and in the next, you’re watching a YouTube video of some dudes using a hydraulic pressure on a menagerie of items. The time will slip, and you will have stolen an hour you could’ve spent doing your task. Hide that phone! 

I hope these tips help you with staying motivated. Good luck! 

Image courtesy of Chris Klepach | Kirkwood Communiqué

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