Jump in and get involved with campus activities

Going to a community college has a lot of perks. It is cheaper than a four-year school. The class sizes are typically much smaller, giving students better access to their professors. It is in close proximity to most students. Many students in eastern Iowa choose Kirkwood so they can stay at home, saving money on tuition and saving money on rent. This is what makes Kirkwood such a great option. The convenience also contains one major issue: the lack of a “traditional college experience.” 

Students going to a four-year university typically live in the dorms. The entirety of their days is spent on campus, with other students.  Opportunities to meet new people, and getting involved with activities are near endless. At Kirkwood, it is different. Some students may only be spending a few hours on campus each week. If a student is only on campus for their scheduled class times, it is near impossible to meet new friends.  

This isn’t to say Kirkwood does not have opportunities. The nature of community college simply makes these things more difficult. The school has dozens of opportunities to get involved. Recently, there was an event to highlight all the clubs students can join. Walking down any hallway on campus, students are bound to come across a poster highlighting upcoming events held at the campus. These certainly help, but they don’t get the students to the event necessarily.  

The one place students are guaranteed to be is in class. Oftentimes, faculty members will come to classes highlighting certain services. The career service faculty members will come to classes to give details about how to write a resume. The counseling service faculty members will come to classes to give students details on their services.  

Why not do this for student life?  

If there is a student life event coming up, it just makes sense to have the faculty members give the details on the event. If this seems like a tall task to complete for just a few faculty members, the student leaders putting on the event could come do this. If the 3D art club has a sale coming up, it makes sense to get them in the classrooms in front of other students. The club can get people to their event, and quite possibly get new members for their club. 

College is a very important time in the lives of young adults. At a community college it is easy for people to fall through the cracks. Every student needs the opportunity to make connections with their peers.  Kirkwood needs to do everything it can to get students involved on campus. 

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