Ketanji Brown Jackson nomination used to push agenda

Ketanji Brown Jackson is the current nominee for the highest land in the court, appointed by Joe Biden to serve on the supreme court. She is currently awaiting senate confirmation on her nomination.  

As part of the approval process the candidate sits before the Senate Judiciary Committee to answer questions. These questions are usually about their experience and legal questions, and other stuff pertaining to their position on the supreme court.  

During Jackson’s nomination, Republicans have been known to ask her all sorts of outrageous questions. 

One example is when Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) asked Jackson if she thought that babies were racist. He was referring to the book “Antiracist Baby” which is meant to be used to talk with children about critical topics dealing with race and racism.  

Cruz asked about the book since it is popular in conservative groups talking about Critical Race Theory. Many say that Critical Race Theory shouldn’t be taught to young children and some say it could make children and their heritage seem racist.  

Jackson responded expertly stating that she didn’t want any child to feel unwanted. However, Critical Race Theory, which the book is criticized of supporting, will not be used in her work as a judge, or if she was on the supreme court.    

This is just one of the absurd questions that they have asked Ketanji Brown Jackson, a current judge on the Federal Appellate court in Washington D.C. where she deals with federal appeals.  

Questions like that are more illuminating of the senators asking the questions then Jackson’s responses.  This shows that these senators are show boaters. They are using time that they could use to ask legal questions or ask her opinion about hot topic legal issues. Like freedom of speech concerns brought up with Facebook and other websites using their platforms to combat hate speech.  

However, they used their time to probe her about political topics that have nothing to do with her capacity as a legal mind or a potential justice.  

Jackson is one of the top legal minds in D.C. and no matter if you’re Republican or Democrat you should respect the tenacity she has shown during these hearings and her impressive record as a judge and lawyer.

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