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Campus Views: How do you cope with stress?

Kirkwood student Valentine Jarata
Valentine Jarata, Nursing

“I meet with friends at least once a week and we just have an hour or so chatting and laughing. So it kind of helps me, because we get to share if there’s anything that’s stressing any one of us, and offer each other solutions.” 

Kirkwood student Jayemeson Westphal
Jayemeson Westphal, Occupational Therapy

“I handle my stress by either procrastinating or going to the gym. Or making myself sit down and just doing it, and dedicating everything to getting it done.”

Kirkwood student Colton Kelsen
Colton Kelsen, Electronics Engineering Technology

“Every Tuesday I am part of the Table Top Games Club, and we meet from three to like eight, and it’s a great way to just deal with stress and play table top games.”

Kirkwood student Nova Vaughan Walker
Nova Vaughan Walker, Human Services

“I birdwatch, because you can see the birds but then you have little things like refill everything and clean up after the birds, a small chore, but you feel better because its cleaner and you have a sense of accomplishment.” 

Prairiewood Transition Center student Anna Fauchier
Anna Fauchier, Prairiewood Transition Center

“Opening presents.”

Image courtesy of Jessica McWilliams

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