Kirkwood students remain strong during quarantine


Following our changing routines due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, college students globally have been impacted substantially and are learning online in order to adapt. Here is how some of our peers at Kirkwood have handled the unique challenges from quarantine to online classes.

Luke Ockerlander, Liberal Arts

“I am a bit more of a social person, so it was a bit rough in the beginning… Thankfully since then, I had hit rock bottom so obviously I went up. What I’ve been doing has just been self-improvement like working out (I even got out the old Wii Fit balance board), general exercises and yoga.

“On one hand, it’s nice to almost take a break you know, but on the other hand, I like the person to person interaction. Obviously, I could reach out to my professors by email instead of office hours. I’m a part of the student leadership council and this [quarantine] has struck a huge blow… We have started this whole online community, The Eagle’s Nest, so we have adjusted to try to compensate for that.”

McKenzie Cronin, Liberal Arts:

“I’m not that affected with my class being online. I’m only taking a writing class and it’s not that hands-on. Everything is being relayed over email and my instructor is being very professional and adaptive with the situation.”

Trung Ly, Engineering:

“I understand that some professors just aren’t prepared for this, but online schooling really sucks. There is just not much to do, really. For me, I would be doing my homework and technical difficulties would happen, which could get annoying sometimes. Another issue was the exams, where they would be harder for some professors. Online schooling has just been tough. I feel like we need to do more Zoom meetings.

“I feel like these events have been unfortunate, that’s the world really. Unfortunately, people die but we learn as a society. I feel like the Earth needs a rest, but its terrible that people have been dying. I’ve been chilling, and reading the Bible, taking a walk outside while maintaining social distancing and taking the time to pause and relax.”

Image courtesy of Amanda Bollig | Kirkwood Communiqué

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