Not all professional athletes are role models

Kirkwood has amazing student athletes who are expected behave with dignity on the court, but will that continue if their sports heroes behave like Tom Brady?

If he is who our student athletes look to as a role model it is time he is fired from professional football.

This season he has been caught screaming at a referee on a hot mic and on camera during other occasions. He has been caught cheating during the Super Bowl, and was part of the deflating the balls case.

He was not permanently banned unlike baseball player Shoeless Joe Jackson who innocent of cheating but took the blame for his teammates actions and was never allowed to play baseball again.

If an athlete from one of Kirkwood Community Collages teams were to be caught cheating would they not be kicked off the team?

After the way he screamed at the referees this season I want him off our TV screens he is a terrible role model in my opinion, the fact the he is still drawing a paycheck while abusing referees is disgusting.

How can we expect Kirkwood’s student athletes to show good sportsmen-ship when our sports heroes are cheaters who abuse the officials?

I think that the only why teach cheaters and other people who would show such poor sportsmen-ship is to swiftly punish them with fines or suspensions and not hold on a pedestal.

We would not allow high school and college athletes to scream at a referee so why, so we be okay with a professional athlete doing that in front of our children when we pay for the privilege of watching the game? I think we need to hold professional athletes to the same standers we hold Kirkwood’s athletes. 

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