Purple paint laws needed nationwide

According to Iowa.gov, Senate File 2101 makes changes to Iowa’s trespassing law. 

If a property owner living in an unincorporated area places purple paint around their property on trees or fence posts, entering the property is forbidden and constitutes trespassing, effective July 1, 2019. 

I bet you’re wondering why I’m telling you about this. Recently I found out about the purple paint law which is interesting. With the traditional no trespassing and no hunting signs, the signs can come down in storms or they can pulled down by someone who wants to trespass.  

Not only am I a really avid hiker who loves taking my dog to parks and state forests. I also became responsible for maintaining my parents’ property after my dad died in January.  

Something I’m worried about when I hike with my dog is the lack of boundary lines. When we had the derecho a year ago a lot of signs were damaged and right now, I’m constantly worried about trespassing because a lot of farms border the areas we like to hike. Fences are down or gone entirely.  

It would be amazing to have this law pass nationwide. Having the same laws for property boundary marking would be beneficial for land owners who might not have the time regularly check that signs haven’t been damaged or removed by trespassers.  

The paint that is used doesn’t puncture a hole in a tree like nails or staples would that would be used for a traditional sign which could be a site for disease to enter a tree. The paint will also last for a very long time leaving land owners and property managers to do other things.  

Laws like this would also lay it more on the shoulders of the law breakers as very often their reason for trespassing is that they claim they didn’t see a sign saying no hunting or trespassing. Having laws that are nationwide make them easier to follow. 

If this law or another law is something you care about make sure you contact your local representative or national representatives. It is important for your views to be heard. Things will never change without taking that first step. 

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