Shamrock Shakes Rule!

McCafe Shamrock Shake sitting on a glass dish
Photo courtesy of Google.

The Shamrock Shake is a delicious treat that is hard to beat. It has had a rich history in the McDonald’s franchise as a celebratory menu item for St. Patrick’s Day ever since 1970.  

Interestingly, the shake used to have its very own McDonald’s mascot named Uncle O’ Grimacey, who was the Irish uncle of Grimace, a more commonly used McDonald’s mascot at the time. Now tell me, when was a shake so special that it had a whole mascot to promote it?  

 The minty flavor of this classic shake is sweet while also refreshing. It isn’t so minty that you will breath in and feel your entire body chilling out, but it also isn’t too sweet as to make you feel like your teeth will instantly rot. To drink the shake while also consuming other items on the menu or food at home, works well. Something about the amazing Shamrock Shake makes it versatile with whatever food you are eating, and there is no exception. It’s subtle mint flavor tops off any meal nicely.  

  The Shamrock Shake brings back the good memories of past years. I remember when I first drank it in 2007 and I was instantly in love. Around March from that year on, I have always had at least one Shamrock shake when it comes in season. Honestly, for me it is one of the most exciting aspects of the month of March, which is also my birthday month. 

This minty goodness has a charm that is unobtainable from other shakes. The commercials, the personal memories, and the taste of this green delight are what make the Shamrock Shake the apex of fast-food items. 

Image courtesy of Google

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