Shop local to support businesses

The COVID-19 pandemic has put many local businesses in danger of closing. Small restaurants don’t have the ability to have tables spaced six feet apart and still have enough people in the restaurants to be worth opening.

While some restaurants have been able to transition to carry out meals only others have not and have closed permanently.  

The Blue Strawberry Coffee Company of Cedar Rapids is one such company the business store front closed in mid-August, of 2020 according to the www.thegazette.com, and went to on line only orders.  

 Stores like Target and Wal-Mart will survive the pandemic because the of the variety of products they are able to offer, if one type of item isn’t selling something else likely still is, likewise if there is bad month financially there is still 11 months of the year to make up for it. 

However small business sells a much smaller selection of items that means the customer is less like to going to just to browse unlike the big box stores. 

One bad month can be devastating to a business, and this year we’ve 11 bad months after an entirely bad 2020 and that can be insurmountable.  

 Small businesses are an important part of our communities according to local-first.org. Small business owners strive to provide good customer service and sell quality goods because they know that it is service and the quality of their goods that keep customers coming back. 

 When you shop locally for locally made or grown products you are actually helping the environment too, the closer to home, that the product that you’re purchasing was made or grown means fewer carbon emissions were created and bringing that item to the grocery store for you. 

By shopping locally not just for goods but for restaurants you help keep a variety of foods and good quality foods in your area which helps make your city a more fun place to live in. Frankly having thriving local businesses is really important it actually increases your community’s wealth because as your community grows more money gets invested into your community through taxes in how the money is spent and even donated. 

 Each business that remains open is an important part of our community and I urge you to shop locally to find one of akin gift for your loved ones while supporting your favor business.

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