Sink or swim after jumping in

Tutoring Services office
Tutoring Services is in Cedar Hall, second floor. PHOTO ILLUSTRATION BY KGOTSOFALO TALA

Here we are on campus, some of us for the first time, others returning after a well-deserved summer break. The semester is well on its way, and students are settling into a schedule, daily and weekly routines are being solidified and most of us have checked out the fabulous newly renovated Iowa Hall. Now comes the time to ask the hard question: How are you doing in your classes? 

Returning for my second year of studies, I can honestly say I have found this semester to be a bit of a “zero to sixty” start. If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed, you are not alone. Research.com reports 23 percent of college students feel stress due to classes and workload. There is no shame in being honest to yourself and your professors if you are having trouble keeping up. 

There are many things you can do to help keep on track, including budgeting and scheduling your time, setting daily/weekly/monthly priorities and seeking help when you need it. 

Did you know Kirkwood offers free tutoring services for all degree-enrolled students? Walk-in tutoring has resumed, and you can even request a one-to-one tutor in specific subjects. Information on the various ways of getting help can be found by visiting Kirkwood.edu and searching Tutoring.  

You may wonder why tutoring would be a good choice for you. Knack, an online tutoring service, breaks it down into five main points.  

1. Experience – tutors have already gone through the class, successfully. They know what is expected and how to get the results your professors desire.  

2. Accountability – We all know our tendency to procrastinate. We often put off the very thing we most need to concentrate on, but by engaging a tutor we can help avoid that nasty habit.  

3. Quality over Quantity – studying longer isn’t always better. Tutors can help show you how to study smarter and more efficiently.  

4. Personal focus – As much as our professors would love to give every student unlimited attention, there is only so much time in a day. Tutors can give you direct, individualized attention to your specific class related questions.  

5. Relatability – Tutors have been in your seat before. You don’t have to try to do it by yourself. Just knowing you have someone by your side can help fuel success instead of feelings of loneliness and overwhelm.  

My last bit of advice – don’t get too far gone in the semester before seeking help. Those who have learned to swim know it sometimes takes a coach to help learn strokes, become stronger and more confident and keep motivated to get to the desired destination.

Image courtesy of Kgotsofalo Tala | Kirkwood Communiqué

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