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A well-deserved Thank You to Kirkwood Facilities staff

Super Hero Custodian

Throughout the pandemic, many people have worked long hours with increased responsibilities to provide a safe and sanitary learning environment at Kirkwood Community College. The Facilities Department staff now regularly cleans door handles, checks sanitation stations, and cleans key boards more than ever; and, those are just a few of their new job requirements.  

Their hard work and dedication to a clean environment is an important part of our education, namely having kept us on campus as long as possible before outside factors forced the closure of on-campus learning after Thanksgiving.  

They have aided in keeping Kirkwood’s student COVID-19 numbers lower by putting in the extra work and cleaning areas and items we would typically use without considering whether or not they were sanitized.  

While it’s essential that we all do our part, the Facilities staff are the superheroes of our campus. As the COVID-19 numbers continue to rise in Cedar Rapids and Linn County, the number of cases from students who attend in-person classes have remained relatively low.  

Once we are able to resume classes on campus, we want to urge all students to make the jobs of the Facilities staff a little easier by throwing away trash instead of leaving it behind, by washing hands frequently, and by wearing a mask to slow the spread. Also, pay close attention to Kirkwood’s safety guidelines and stay home when sick. 

We also urge students to say “thank you” when you see someone from Facilities, as they are working tirelessly to keep us safe while on campus. Their willingness to put in the extra effort plays a major role in our continued education during this time of uncertainty.  

From the staff at the Communiqué, we are grateful to all Kirkwood employees who are putting in extra effort and extra hours on the job to ensure a safe learning environment.  

Image courtesy of Brieanna Heim | Kirkwood Communiqué

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