Student resources on campus: Don’t hesitate to take advantage of Learning Services

Students are filled with anticipation at the start of each school term, questioning what possibilities the school year will bring. 

As a result, it is often  easy to wonder if everything will work out the way it’s supposed to. But if something falls out of place along the way, whether academically or personally, Kirkwood Community College offers the resources to help. 

 Initially, when seeking academic resources, students should not hesitate to take advantage of support from the Department of Learning Services. Since many students have a preferred learning style, this office helps students maximize comprehension of new concepts and information. When falling behind  in coursework, Kirkwood offers tutoring for all subjects and will cater to each student’s individual needs.  

 Learning Services also goes beyond tutoring. The college already offers academic advising, where advisors rely on feedback from student skills testing in determining which courses are appropriate for each term based on a student’s major.  

Moreover,  advising services can be used to help ease the registration process, and counseling services can be utilized for personal mental health concerns.

Additionally, meeting for classes throughout the day can make it difficult to form a work schedule outside of school hours. As a result, students’ ability to afford proper living standards significantly decreases. To help combat this issue, the college offers a food pantry where anyone enrolled for the term can receive grocery items once per week at no cost.   

Finally, regarding safety matters, Kirkwood Public Safety’s goal is to help everyone feel safe while on campus. Services provided by the department include escorting students and staff from one campus location to the next at any point throughout the day, as well as providing general safety assistance upon request. 

The Public Safety phoneline can be used to report suspicious activities or crime on campus, but it can also be used for assistance with vehicle unlocks, jumpstarts and lost and found items. For immediate assistance, call 319-398-7777. 

Students can join the college’s emergency notification system to be notified when potential threat situations occur. Simply visit www.kirkwood.edu/alert to enroll. These resources are offered to all currently enrolled students, so don’t hesitate to utilize them.

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