The college experience in the eyes of a student 

College is a different transition in everyone’s lives. It is when new friends are made, responsibilities and adulthood begin and many other instances occur. Community colleges are very different but are also like four-year universities in many ways.  

At four-year universities, there are dorms, meal plans, lecture halls and more close together. At a community college, it isn’t always easy to branch out and meet others. Oftentimes, if a student attends a community college close to home, they live at home and are unable to meet others. 

This can be tough and make others feel excluded from four-year universities. It is important to get involved and try to be a part of the community. This can be done by joining clubs, conversing with students in classes and finding campus-wide events to attend.  

Many students worry more about their social life than scholarly studies. Both are very important but students must make sure they are prioritizing their schoolwork. It is easier to balance social life and school life when attending four-year universities versus community colleges.  

The college experience can be made successful in several ways. Managing time is a large factor that students face issues with. Oftentimes, students get caught up in what the “college experience” is all about. What is the actual college experience? The college experience is what students make of it. It is commonly up to the student to decide how successful or not their college experience is.  

Getting involved is very important along with going to classes. The college experience is always meant to be diverse. There is no real definition; it is only what one makes of it. There are many ways to have fun and be successful in college years. 

Time management is a large part of the college experience, whether students realize it or no. When you hear the term, “the college experience,” students often think about partying and or having fun and meeting others. 

But this is not what the college experience is centered around. It is crucial to make sure social life and school life is always balanced to be successful.

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