The downside of using dating apps

Dating apps and the digital age are unfolding right before our eyes. With technology use increasing, the need for instant satisfaction and swiping yes or no on someone, also increases. 

Apps such as Tinder™, Bumble™ and Hinge™, are commonly used by college students for these purposes. 

But, are these apps actually doing users any good? Most  dating apps are primarily used for “hooking up,” or a “one-night-stand.” According to acendahealth.org, dating apps cause stress and anxiety, negatively impact body image and lower your self-esteem. Although there are some ways users are positively impacted, thinking long term, there are not many.  

 There are plenty of other ways to meet a significant other or set up a date night. Getting involved at your college will increase the chance of meeting more people and starting potential relationships. 

This may include joining a club, participating in an arts activity or attending an event on campus. Whether or not people want to admit it, these are much better ways of meeting a potential partner. 

 It is no secret that after a “hookup,” men and women may feel worse about themselves. Think about it… when reflecting on the decision to meet a stranger, is swiping based on only pictures of them, wise?  

 This also can lead to dangerous situations. When first meeting on a dating app, it is smart to get together in a safe and public area. If you are feeling unsafe, do not hesitate to leave the situation, or notify a staff member or person around the area.

Additionally, it is wise to never agree to meet at the other person’s apartment or house for the first time.  

 Although hookup apps may not be a first choice, there are some effective dating platforms for users looking long-term. Match.com™, EHarmony™ and Facebook Dating™, are popular apps centered around more mature dating.  

 The truth is that many hookups are replacing relationships. Although this does allow for some sense of independence, it may not be the safe or smart choice in the long run. Consider using alternative websites meant for long lasting relationships, or branching out and meeting new people.  

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