The many advantages of keeping a daily planner

CONTRIBUTED: Planners have been around for years, and knowing how stressful being a student can be, they should be brought up more often by teachers. Planners have helped people learn how to manage time and stress in many situations. 

Planners are necessary when learning how to be more organized, manage time, and create better communication. It’s important for all authorities in teaching to teach students how to manage their tasks in a way that doesn’t involve memorizing needs to be done. By teaching students how to properly use planners to help organize what needs to get done, students can have a better understanding of what work needs to get done and by when. 

Writing things down can significantly help reduce stress. By looking at all the tasks needing to get done, students can better manage their time. When using a checklist and checking off finished tasks, students can feel a sense of accomplishment and feel more motivated to continue working as more tasks get crossed off. As a result, planners help in many ways other than just organizing daily tasks. 

There are many different types of planners. There are cute planners for students who want their aesthetic needs met and planners that are creative and have small games or activities to write thoughts down. There are planners with daily to-do lists already in them, making check-lists convenient to use. 

There are several other advantages that planners have to help students. When communicating with parents, planners help organize and convey information, allowing students to better communicate what is expected of them in class to their parents. The parents will now feel less out of the loop. 

In conclusion, planners help with many different types of problems within students’ daily lives, whether it be stress, time management or communication.  

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