The rise and fall of respect in modern society

Today’s world is full of different views, understandings and opinions that have allowed humanity to become what it is today.

It is also because of this that the value of respect has changed and some may argue is almost non-existent anymore. Respecting people’s beliefs has seemingly been an issue as old as time and there have been wars over which religion is right.

The United States of America was built upon the foundation of religious freedom and immigration to help develop our culture.

Demanding respect has become a serious issue that some people have today. It used to be that a person worked hard to earn a level of respect among their peers but with the modern youth composing of Millennials and Generation Z, the perspective has changed quite drastically.

For example, it is almost expected of new employees to think they are on the same level as the veteran of the trade.

For the general public interaction, it could be as simple as putting the phone down at checkout when shopping or holding the door open for the person behind them.

It is these traits that have become the most lost over time and leave many thinking that common sense, decency and courtesy have are lost and gone forever.   

In addition to giving respect to everyone, there are some people that have earned a higher level of respect that is not given to them. A veteran or active service member of the United States should always be given the utmost respect.

While not all have seen combat, they have all signed on knowing they could be sent into an active war zone any day. It is not just veterans but also doctors, law enforcement and public city workers who deserve this reverence.

Without these individuals, some who put their lives on the line, society would come to a halt. They tend to be overlooked the most but with a little effort, this can be changed.

Respect can mean something again, even with simple acts of kindness such as helping a neighbor remove snow or helping unload the groceries for that elderly person in the store parking lot can make a big impact.

Remember that we never know what battles someone is fighting and it doesn’t take a lot to make a difference in someone’s life.

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