Public transportation is convenient, affordable

Alternative ways to save money and prevent hassle are always focal points on a college student’s radar. It is important to remember local public transportation options as they provide benefits that meet needs of students and are cost effective, even if you own a vehicle.

This is where your friendly metro bus system, Cedar Rapids Transit, comes into the picture.

Many of us have been on a school bus when younger but public transportation is a whole different scenario.

For the most part the buses here in town are pretty clean.  There may be the occasional Dorito’s wrapper or piece of paper on the floor but nary anything that would cause harm.

Sure, the winters bring slushy shoes tramping through aisles and slightly messy windows but that’s the norm for winter around here, isn’t it?   

The schedule is typically reliable and relatively convenient. They generally run out of the main terminal downtown at 15 minutes after the hour.  At certain times on Route 7, the Kirkwood route, they go every half hour.   

Obviously, this means you have to make plans and adjust accordingly but it’s not that bad and I have always used that as a reason to get some work in while commuting.

Here’s the best part: Public transportation is affordable not only for academic but personal needs as well. As a Kirkwood student with your EagleCard, there is no cost to ride Route 7 and other discounts are available with Saturdays being free all day no matter why or where you are riding.

A pass can be obtained in the Allsop Lab in Nielsen Hall, along with information about stops and times around campus.

So, with this option being a reasonable solution to transportation woes, why doesn’t everyone take the bus? The question here becomes the answer: All the crazies use public transit, right?  Nothing could be further from the truth my friends, especially on Route 7.

Sure, there are some frustrations but really nothing in life comes easy or without challenge so when looking to move about the city and campus, keep in mind that public transportation is a decent solution and can be a resource to be utilized without much effort or cost.

So, get some information on campus or visit www.cedar-rapids.org (hover over “For Residents” then choose “City Buses”), make a plan and see if your local bus system can help you achieve your goals. You may even get a laugh, learn something you didn’t know or make a friend or two along the way. Enjoy the ride!

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