Success comes with time, patience and perseverance

Successful people seem to share common traits. Among them are not being afraid of failure, the courage to get back up after falling down and the willingness to face challenges that are often based on vision and faith.

Where does one find the strength to carry on, persevere and push past the overwhelming feeling that sometimes it all just might be too much? Where do those who achieve their dreams get the energy, motivation and courage to do what appears impossible to others?

While it may not be obvious to some, students at Kirkwood Community College are shining examples of those willing to take the next steps forward; One foot in front of the other to go the distance until one day, each will look back and see that the journey has been completed.

Currently, it may seem daunting. One may be at the starting point and new to the pressures of school, family and/or work, resulting in a feeling of spinning in circles. Perhaps self-doubt is creeping in, making one feel as though they may not be capable of crossing the finish line.

Whenever it seems like you’re in over your head and cannot continue, try to remember the thousands young and old who have come before and stood where you now stand. They found the strength inside to push forward with the support of their peers, counselors, teachers and friends. Grasp the new opportunities each day offers to change course and turn the ship around.

Take advantage of the moment and start again. Join a club, seek out a tutor and invest in yourself by reaching out through one of the many resources available on campus. Whatever challenges you face on the road to success, KCC offers pathways to see you through and an army of dedicated staff committed to your success.

It’s acceptable to pause and collect your thoughts, then strap in and continue marching confidently forward in the direction of your dreams. If you stumble today, shake it off and step up again tomorrow. All around us are examples of what can be accomplished when we strive for more, reach beyond today and don’t allow ourselves to give up.

The buildings around us, cars we drive and technology in our pockets are just a few examples of everyday items utilized by billions that were created by those who first began with nothing more than an image in their mind and the will to see it through.   

The most important element of being successful lies within us all. With a little courage, we all can prove we are capable and have the strength to step through any open door, from day one until the day it’s done.

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