The weather might not be so frightful

By now the 2022 Spring semester is well underway, and students are adapting to their new classes and schedules.

However, despite this semester being known as the Spring semester, with Kirkwood’s campuses buffeted with snow, ice and wind, things might not feel very springlike. The days are short, and we can’t be outside like we can in summertime.

As harder and harder class assignments roll in, seasonal affective disorder and the winter blues might be rearing their heads as well.

Let’s not sugarcoat the situation. Winter brings more than a few hardships – toes going numb while trying to study in a favorite chair that sits just a little too close to a window, banging knees on the concrete after slipping on an icy driveway, sliding into a ditch on the way to class, shivering at the door while letting the dog out in the middle of the night, bundling up to brave subzero temperatures or shoveling a back-breaking six inches of snow off the sidewalk because you’ve got to graduate and get one of those high paying jobs before you can afford to buy a snowblower. Winter can be a pain.

But what about all the beautiful snowflakes, each one unique? What about the freezing cold record-breaking arctic blasts? Who doesn’t want to be around for some record-breaking?

Let’s not forget about skiing, snowboarding, snowman-making, snowball fights, snow forts, snow angels, sledding, hot chocolate and ice skating. Also, without winter, what would we do with all those hand-knitted stocking caps and scarves?

When it comes to winter there are a couple things to consider.

First, it won’t always be like this. Time moves on, the Northern Hemisphere tilts toward the sun, snow melts and flowers bloom. As with never-ending problems, so with winter – you look out your window, you take note. But you don’t get too worked up because… it’s Iowa. What else could you expect? It comes with the territory.

Second, let’s forget, just for a second, all the annoyances winter can bring and simply appreciate what a magical wonder winter is. Revel in the miracles of the passive cosmos and/or the intent of the divine required to convert H2O into beautiful unrepeatable snowflakes and to fling through our world winds of incredible terrible freezing temperatures. And, of course, let’s rejoice in the beautiful human activities that we’ve built up to embrace this inescapable fate that is winter.

So, carry on trudging through the snow and bone-chilling winds and the overpriced, oversized textbooks. It won’t always be like this, the frigidity and the subjective wintry wonderland.

The sun is starting to break through the clouds. Bright things are ahead this semester. Regardless if you love or hate winter, it’s not very far away – March 20 – the date when it really will become the Spring semester.

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