Theaters vs. streaming services: Who wins?

Many people nowadays like to skip the movie theater and cuddle up on the couch to watch a movie.  

Before streaming, Wi-Fi, and even TV people would line the streets waiting to get into the most recent blockbuster movie to watch. It was a culture, the American culture, to gather around the big screen and watch what the latest motion picture had to offer in terms of excitement.  

Sitting down in a heated chair, with popcorn and drink in hand is the best way to watch the most recent blockbuster movies.  

Film lovers alike jaunt along the halls lined with movie posters and the air smelling of popcorn and freshly-baked pretzels.  

Sitting down and immersing yourself in the movie experience is one of a kind, something that can’t be replicated at home.  

Sitting down to watch a movie at home is cheap and inexpensive but you don’t have the immersion that you do at a theater, with distractions all around. However, there are some faults to the good old movie theater. One, it is expensive to go to the movies, with their popcorn and snacks galore. Two, people talking and texting can ruin the experience. 

Cuddling up on the couch brings enjoyment and freedom to all things. Nowadays, Wifi and other streaming services have brought in a wide variety of ways to watch new streaming movies and other TV shows at the comfort of your own home.  

Being able to stay at home, gather any type of snack that you’d like and stay in your pajamas is the best way to stream the newest movies. And it’s also the cheapest. 

On certain streaming services, such as Netflix, you are able to watch movies that are only located on Netflix and wouldn’t be available in the movie theater. 

By staying at home, you are able to save on ticket prices and $30 worth of theater food, when in all honesty it’s a big hit or miss on if the food is even going to be good. 

You can buy all the candies you’d normally enjoy at the Dollar Store or even Walmart for less than at the theater. You can also order food in such as Chinese, wings or even pizza. 

By staying at home, you can still have the experience that a theater can give you for cheaper, and you can even stay comfortable and snuggled up with your favorite blanket.