Time for reflection on the past and future

Recently, Kirkwood sent an email asking me to fill out a survey. One of the questions asked, “If you could start the semester over, what would your change?”

I started to think about the things that I would change.  Would I make an appointment in the Tutoring Center to help my math grades? Absolutely.  I haven’t skipped any classes so I can’t change that but I would take better notes. I would ask more questions and maybe I would ask classmates if they want to study together.

Additionally, I would go to a Student Life activity or a volleyball game. I’d want to take advantage of my student discounts at the movie theater more often. I would take more time to walk my dog and take a glass blowing class. I would never have taken that accounting or macro-economics class. Those are just a few things I would change if I could start the semester over. What would you do if you could start the semester over?

As we go in to next semester ask yourself these questions. Would you pick a different instructor for your math class? What clubs would you join? Would you study harder for that last French test? Would you tell yourself that your ex was a jerk and to not date them again? Would you save your student loan money for groceries and not spend it on that new laptop you don’t really need?

While it’s good to reflect and see where we can make personal improvements, I think it is import to remember to start off on the right foot so you when finals roll around you are not stressed about your grades.

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