Tragedy strikes on the set of ‘Rust’

I want to say first, that the shooting that happened on set of “Rust” was tragic. There is a young child that will never see his mother again and that is heart breaking. My heart also goes out to the director that was hurt as well as Alec Baldwin.  

However, as a gun owner with a permit to carry, I am upset that more safety measures were not taken. I think that when things like accidental shootings happen it makes all gun owners even responsible gun owners like myself look bad. I went classes to get my permit, had to pass background checks to even get my gun and I don’t use my gun if I have had anything to drink. I keep it locked in a case when not in use and I don’t take it to places it isn’t aloud. I also treat every gun like it is loaded. 

I grew up around guns and I have never been afraid that a gun would hurt me as long as I didn’t treat a gun if it were a toy. but hearing some of what has been said about the set, that is exactly what people have done. I absolutely do not understand why live ammunition was on the set to begin with. That is just begging for something tragic to happen.  

At this day and age there should have been some way for cinematographers to CGI in a gun and smoke to make things safer. One death in a senseless way in one death too many as far as I am concerned and after the of Brandon Lee during the filming of “The Crow” in 80’s should there should had been lasting changes. 

Every time there is a school shooting people demand AK-47s be banned. So, I am asking for the same passion when it comes to movie set safety. I want you to demand safety protocols. Demand that there not be live ammo on a movie set or battle reenactment, more checks and balances, train actors in gun safety even for a gun that cannot fire.

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