Vending machines should accept all payments

If you’re ever hungry or thirsty on Kirkwood’s campus, there are several vending machines in sight. You may be wondering: How will I pay? Do I have cash and a card on me? Several of the vending machines on campus have cash-only options which discourages students from stopping in between classes for a quick snack or drink.  

Not having both card and cash options can be an issue for students who do not physically carry forms of payment with them. Most vending machines on other college campuses offer several forms of payment, such as Apple Pay, debit and credit cards, and cash. This is helpful for many who don’t carry certain payment forms or have forgotten or lost their cards. There are also no nearby ATMs on campus for those students who do not carry cash.  

It is ideal to have uniformity for all vending machines, so no one is left guessing what form of payment will be required. The vending machines on campus can sometimes be out of the way of students’ classes, so when certain forms of payment are not allowed, it becomes a hassle and a waste of time.  

At the Coralville Regional Center campus, all forms of payment are accepted, though it is a smaller building. Students can easily travel quickly and efficiently to and from class with a vending machine stop. A statistic from Forbes Magazine states that “More than 53 percent of this generation is using forms of digital payment.”  

Although there are more simple and efficient options than vending machines, some students do not have access to groceries, or vending machine snacks and drinks. While having all payment options to access the vending machine, it allows for any student in need to benefit happily and healthily. The advancement of technology and society today has showcased that more people are increasingly using digital payment forms instead of strictly cash—and even cards.  

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