YouTube is more than just another streaming site

YouTube has been around the last 14 years and has grown into one of the world’s largest online streaming services. It can hold larger videos at higher resolution, as well as process the millions of uploads put in daily. It has since grown and offers a number of services such as music streaming, movie rental and educational resources.

YouTube has the largest selection of free music in the world. It holds countless artists ranging from big names such as Lady Gaga and the Jonas Brothers to lessser known muscians who may only have 10 views.

Although the site has lost popularity due to Amazon Video, Netflix and Hulu, YouTube does still offer online video rentals and purchases. The prices range anywhere from $3 to $20. This varies depending on the age of the movie or television series, how long the video or movie is and also how popular it is.

YouTube is also now an encyclopedia of knowledge. A person can look up in-depth videos of topics ranging from practical use like how to brew beer to impractical uses like how to read a person’s palm.

I personally have used the services to learn about subjects ranging from physics to sword making. I also know a number of people who call the site YouTube University because of the wide skill set that can be learned for free.

Although in recent years YouTube’s popularity has dropped due to other streaming sites starting up, nothing made in the next 10 years will be able to be as versatile as YouTube.

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