Flag football touches down at Kirkwood

Tweak Squad
Intramural football team, Tweak Squad, lines up on the yard line before the ball snaps. PHOTO BY ALEXIS HAGGSTROM

The Donald J. Bergman Golf and Recreation Complex is shrouded in darkness the evening of Sept. 18. However, the field behind it is lit up like a stage. Chalked white numbers stand out clearly against the green grass. The ground is still slightly damp from the rain earlier in the day.

Despite the conditions, the players have no complaints other than the regret of not bringing cleats.

Flag football is Kirkwood Community College’s “biggest intramural of the year,” said Brett Baumgart, Kirkwood’s recreation services supervisor. 

The season kicked off last Tuesday, Sept. 16. Thirteen creatively named teams were slated in the schedule, including “Yeti Cups and Backpacks” and “Tweak Squad.” 

“The students get to play multiple games over multiple weeks and just get to have a fun time playing and that feeling of it being Friday Night lights again,” said Baumgart. 

“We are so lucky to have an amazing crew that gets the field ready to go each week and we can’t thank them enough so you combine a perfect field under the lights with perfect weather this time a year and it just create an amazing atmosphere,” Baumgart added.

League-based activities like flag football requires at least one person to be captain to create a team.

The registration period for flag football is over, however there are many upcoming intramurals like dodgeball or women’s powder puff, and activities like NCAA Weekly Pick’ems.

To register, Baumgart said, “The easiest way is to download the Kirkwood Rec app on a smartphone…If it is a one day event and you didn’t get signed up, you can still come participate and see if you can win the intramural champ shirt.” 

How to join intramurals

  1. Make an account with IMLeagues. A link is available from the Kirkwood Recreation Center’s website.
  2. Follow the instructions to enter your information and after submitting the form, you will be sent a confirmation email.
  3. Make sure you download the Kirkwood Rec. Center app to create or create a team. It also provides schedules for each intramural as well as standings.
  4. To join or create a team, log in to your IMLeagues account and click the designated tab.
  5. If you create a team as captain, you have the ability to invite players by their email address or name.
  6. As the player you can accept the invitation or view a different captain’s playercard and request to join their team.
  7. You can also become a free agent. You will be available to all teams but can also send out requests.
Image courtesy of Alexis Haggstrom | Kirkwood Communiqué

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