Thoughts from the players: Volleyball teammates reflect on season and personal growth

No. 5 Ava Morris and No. 4 Grace Embretson
No. 5 Ava Morris goes in for the kill after a set from No. 4 Grace Embretson in a game against Hawkeye Community College on Sept. 28, 2022. PHOTO BY JESSICA MCWILLIAMS

With Kirkwood Community College’s volleyball season nearing its end, volleyball players gave an inside look into what it is like to be an Eagle. Sixteen student athletes make up Kirkwood’s volleyball team holding a record of 28 – 7 so far in the season.

Sophomore Sierra Marshall, from Moline, Ill., said the team shows up at least two hours before home games. She also mentioned that players might try and get a few extra reps in during the day to help prepare for the night’s game.

Like many teams, the Kirkwood volleyball squad strives to be a close family. Freshman Lexi Hearn described the team bond by saying, “We have a strong connection with each other, and it’s always fun when we have a good time and cheer each other on while having everyone’s backs.” 

She added, the team gets along well, and the good off-the-court relationship certainly helps during their road trips and tournaments. 

Coach Williams was recently recognized for her 500th win earlier this season. Players additionally had many positive comments about Coach Williams.  

Marshall said, “I think she’s really good at pushing us past our limits and trying to make us better players and people.” The players agreed that Coach Williams is always working to improve the bonding and teamwork aspect every year as different players join the team.

Teamwork is among many factors the women on the team focus on even if they are not playing during a certain game. Only six players can play at a time, so not every player gets a chance to appear on the court during games.

Freshman Addy Grimm, from Osage, has been viewed as a player who works harder than the credit that they get. “Addy always has good energy and hypes us up. She is willing to play anywhere at any time,” Freshman Alyssa Tegeler from Benton said. 

Beck was described by Lexi Hearn as someone who is “always hyped up on the bench” and someone who has a “positive attitude” when taking criticism.

The team will finish their official season with three season games  before moving onto Regionals. The next home game is Saturday, Oct. 22, at 10 a.m. in Johnson Hall.

Image courtesy of Jessica McWilliams | Kirkwood Communiqué

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