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A ‘Die Hard’ debate for diehard fans

This has been a fun debate for the last few years and I’d like to begin by giving some background before I dig into my opinion.  

“Die Hard” was a movie that starred a bunch of no name actors at the time it was made. The studio had asked big names such as Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Clint Eastwood to star as the lead role and all of them turned it down. Bruce Willis, who agreed to take on the role of John McClane, at the time was only known for a show called Moonlighting.

Alan Rickman, the main villain, was only known as a theatre actor; this was his first film ever.

The studio took a leap of faith on a big budget action film set on Christmas Eve and the rest is history.

My opinion is that this film is a Christmas movie with a twist. It is non-traditional but it includes Christmas music, decorations, a heartwarming bond between strangers and a little bit of a Christmas miracle as you watch the way McClane chases terrorists trying to ruin his wife’s work party.

Now that you know the background, you should watch this pop culture cult film and judge for yourself.

Shannon Poitras, Staff Writer

While it may be an unpopular opinion, “Die Hard” is not a Christmas movie. It is merely a movie a that takes place at Christmas.  

I can see why for some people it is their favorite Christmas movie, however it’s not really a Christmas movie. We live in a consumer world where stores bring out Christmas merchandise just after Labor Day and “Die Hard” doesn’t beat you in the face with the sickly sweet sentimentality that many Hallmark Channel movies do.

Other than taking place during an office Christmas party there is nothing evening remotely Christmassy about this movie. There were not any feel-good family moments that are typically found in Christmas movies. It is simply an action movie, packed with all-star Hollywood cast. 

Jessica McWilliams, Managing Editor

“Die Hard” proves itself quite well to be a Christmas movie because it integrates the theming of Christmas into the story, which is done to great effect.

Firstly though, the elephant in the room is that the visuals and genre of it isn’t a part of the traditional Christmas movie without the use of many green white or red in its color palette.

However, the movie even points this out and dare I say, defends itself as a Christmas movie when in the beginning Argyle (De’voreaux White) plays a Christmas rap song (‘Christmas in Hollis’ by Run DMC).

Despite not conforming to the standards of a Christmas song, Argyle himself considers it one, which is what matters.  

This parallels with how the audience can appreciate this film as a Christmas classic. There are many scenes that even incorporate the Christmas theme, from the references of Christmas culture to the set design.  

“Die hard” may not be an obvious pick for the holidays, but it’s a good one.  

Chris Klepach, Staff Writer