Holiday joys and blues

When we think of the holiday season and winter break, we think of joy, gratefulness, family gatherings and the traditions we come to celebrate. While many are excited to see family and friends while taking some time off from classes and work, some may loath the holidays. 

For many, this time of year is indeed the most wonderful time of year. People are excited to return home to see their family and continue their traditions. Many love the food that’s made and the gifts that are given. Some even enjoy the movies, the music, cooking, baking and shopping. What isn’t there to love when making handmade gifts and hosting ugly Christmas sweater parties? The fun of baking and decorating cookies, exchanging gifts and playing board games. 

Unfortunately, some face the holiday blues. For every holiday cheer, there is the stress behind the scenes. Many feel the pressure of expectations from family and themselves. Some don’t get along with their family, don’t enjoy going through the struggles of traveling, or hosting and cooking for the family.  

The stress of traveling and gift giving can be overwhelming along with wanting “a perfect family Christmas,” or celebrating the holidays without a hitch. Some would even be experiencing the first time of not celebrating with a loved one due to loss, different circumstances or changing plans. 

If you are feeling down, remember there are resources to help. Call a friend, video chat with a relative, or contact a counselor at Kirkwood. Watch a funny movie or dig out your favorite book from high school and re-read it. Bundle up and go for a walk or watch a how-to Youtube video and learn something new. Don’t feel bad about feeling bad – there are many ways to get through the winter season.  

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