New Day’s Resolutions

In the month of December, we tend to focus on the upcoming holidays and the plans with family and friends. Then, when January arrives our focus changes. 

While there’s nothing wrong with planning to have a fresh start to a new year, many resolutions end up failing by the start of February because no one is as excited or motivated as they once were to see it through. Some may not have as much time as they thought or can’t work on themselves as much as they wanted to.  

We tend to focus more on “new year, new me” and don’t considered that every day is a new day. Whenever we “fail” our resolutions, we tend to say “I’ll try again next year.” Little do we realize, that every day we have a chance to improve ourselves. We can start going to the gym, start budgeting or start eating healthier meals whenever we want to. 

One of the important things is to remember that we’re humans and life can be hectic. We can’t go to the gym every day and sometimes it’s easier and cheaper to eat ramen noodles and chips.  

There are going to be bad days and slip ups. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to lay down and do nothing but snack on junk food.  

What’s important is to keep going instead of giving up when the going gets tough. Take one step at a time and work at your own pace.  

We shouldn’t rush or be hard on ourselves. We need to focus on taking one day at a time. We may take a step back or start to fell back in old habits every once and a while, but we shouldn’t let it be an excuse to give up.  

While it’s tedious and frustrating, it takes time. Most importantly, it’s up to you if you want to change your lifestyle. Just remember, every day is a new day and any month of the year is a good time to make a positive change. 

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