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AsianFest features Kirkwood students

Cedar Rapids’ 9th Annual AsianFest was a culturally rich and vibrant event held on Sept. 23 at the NewBo City Market. The festival was organized by the Asian Alliance and brought together Asian people, organizations and the local community to celebrate the diversity of Asian cultures in the U.S. 

Festival grounds were transformed into a cultural wonderland, with each booth representing a different Asian country and offering a glimpse into their unique heritage. 

Attendees had the opportunity to participate in various interactive exhibits that showcased the rich cultural traditions of Asia, from Japanese origami to Singaporean games. People shared their knowledge, creating an atmosphere of learning and cultural exchange. 

Food enthusiasts delighted in the festival’s adventure through Asian cuisine. From mouthwatering sushi rolls to fiery Thai noodles and delicate Indian curry, there was a delight for everyone. The aromatic and flavorful dishes not only satisfied taste buds but also provided a window into the culinary diversity of the continent. 

Gracia Priscilia Hapsari, a Business Management and Administration student at Kirkwood Community College, said, “I feel so happy and grateful that I can found many Asian dish, and glad to make new Asian friends. It was fun-tastic and well-managed. Well done, Asian Festival 2023!” 

The festival’s main stage was the hub of entertainment, featuring a dazzling array of performances that showcased the artistic talents of different Asian cultures. From traditional dances to modern K-pop-inspired routines, the stage came alive with energy and passion. 

The fashion show, a highlight of the evening, displayed traditional clothing and dances from various Asian countries. It was not just a display of textiles but also a representation of the pride and heritage carried by each piece. 

Hapsari also performed in the fashion show. She said, “I was feeling nervous at that time because lots of audience there! Their engagement and energy were awesome. But I can manage it well when I am on stage, pretty nervous but I have to do it anyway!” 

In conclusion, the 9th Annual AsianFest was a successful celebration of culture, cuisine and community. 

Diverse performers, including Kirkwood Community College students, gather at the NewBo Market stage during AsianFest on Sept. 23
Diverse performers, including Kirkwood Community College students, gather at the NewBo Market stage during AsianFest on Sept. 23. PHOTO BY EMIR KAYA.
Image courtesy of Emir KAYA | Kirkwood Communiqué

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