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Born Again in the Garden


Born Again in the Garden 

The springing blossoms a 

Virginal solacer lithely 

Kissing our eyes away the 

Aeolian chill whisking off 

To nothing in the sunshine. 

Untethered and redecked 

Off to new shores anew, 

Spring in the time of spring, 

Love in the petals of dew 

Bid the slate sky farewell. 

The brand fades in a mist 

Of green bridal veils and  

White bridal trains, secret 

Loves of life and the wings 

Flutter near, whisper light. 

Touch and see skin glow 

Lightly tan, lightly snow. 

The Path straightly rises. 

Burdens undone, lifted. 

Calls of song to prayer. 

Taste, hear: waves waves. 

The passage safe opens 

As babies are born so we 

Live through their living 

Vicarious atonement our 

Failure to hope through  

The Death that is winter. 

But now we’re alive in 

A shout from the tomb. 

Out in the spring rains 

Unfurling May flowers. 

Beautiful songs in our 

New words. Ears sharp. 

Rose smell to our noses. 

5/9/20 Hiawatha, IA