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Juana Jones, Outreach Coordinator
Juana Jones
Outreach Coordinator

Collecting: Big risk big rewards

Out of all the hobbies in the world collecting is perhaps the only one most every human alive has heard of and perhaps even tried. The reasons for this vary from its simplicity to its exclusivity. This has made it so collecting objects is one of the worlds most expensive hobbies a person can have as well as being the cheapest.

This can be seen when looking at stamp collecting. today’s stamps cost about 55 cents, while the most expensive stamp currently known according to mashable.com is the British Guiana One-Cent Magenta which sold for $9,480,000 in United States Dollar(USD). However stamp collecting is not they only hobby that can have vast changes in price.

In terms of Anime and Japanese pop culture figure and model kits can vary in price by a large amount. If looking at the Mobile Suit Gundam model kits called “Gunpla” a cheap SD (Super Deformed) kit can be less then $10 USD. While an LED Perfect Grade kit can be priced at over $200 USD with limited manufacturing. This price however does reflect the quality of the kit and how long it will hold up over time with cheaper kits more likely to brake and have simpler builds. This is a niche market that may not appeal to a super majority of people and that also plays into why costs vary so much and can be expensive at times.

As said this is a niche market as is stamp collecting and may not appeal to many people. However their is a market that expands to a vast expanse of people across all age ranges. That is Trading card games and collectible cards. From football to Power Rangers several industries have tried to cash in on playing cards and games around them. Pokemon is the world’s most valuable media franchise being priced at over $92 billion (USD) beating out any of Disney’s franchises. Their trading card line is valued at over $10 billion (USD) alone. They make so much money each year that the winners of the Pokemon World Championship have the option to receive anywhere from a $5,000 (USD) scholarship up to $25,000(USD) scholarship or cash price.

While the information provided above can make collecting seem like a great investment, caution is advised when diving into the world of collecting. Collecting is basically a big gambling game with long term investments and risk if an item will become worth more than the material it’s made of. Look at the Beanie Babies craze in terms of what diving into collection craze can do.

Andrew Schneider
Web Editor

The hand you’re dealt

When the madness ends and the dust settles and our lives return to “normal,” there is one talent you will need to impress your friends, family and potential suitors: the ability to skillfully play a wide variety of card games. This is an ability that has often fallen by the wayside in our modern era but it is as important as ever to showcase your classiness and sharpness of mind. What better time than now to begin learning and practicing? I highly recommend the website cargames.io where you can learn important classics like Euchre, Hearts, Spades, Pinochle, Cribbage and Gin Rummy.

Unfortunately the second most important card game you can learn is not available at cardgames.io so you will have to look elsewhere. That game is Poker. This is an important game culturally and socially. Theartofmanliness.com lists “Play Poker” at #58 on its list of “100 Skills Every Man Should Know,” right between #57 “Hitch/Back-up A Trailer” and #59 “Write in Cursive.” Of course, the ability to play a few hands of “Texas Hold ‘Em” isn’t just important for every man to know but every person too.

And the most important card game? That would be bridge. I don’t know how to play bridge and I have no idea where one would navigate to begin learning but now is the time to start searching with all the hours to kill. It has been said that boys play poker but men play bridge. In fact the game is often associated with having the sharp mindedness necessary to be an expert stock investor. Here is an article about avid bridge players Warren Buffet and Bill Gates: https://www.marketwatch.com/story/this-is-how-much-warren-buffett-hates-to-lose-at-bridge-2017-07-29. Get to it.

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