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Haunted Hospital raises funds for students

Kirkwood Community College’s Respiratory Therapy students held a fundraiser on Monday, Oct. 30, called The Haunted Hospital. 

The Katz Family Healthcare Simulation Center in Linn Hall was decked out and all the favorites could be found roaming the halls or waiting for their next victim in one of the many occupied rooms. Scare characters at the event included Samara from “The Ring,” Michael Myers from “Halloween” and Pennywise from “It” roaming from room to room with the classic red balloon.  

Guests who visited the hospital and were able to escape commented, “That was great,” “Scary!”  and “Definitely will come back, it was a blast!” 

Liliana Hoffnagle, Respiratory Therapy program director and faculty, said that they had approximately 70 guest show for their first event. 

The Haunted Hospital was designed by students in the Respiratory Therapy Club. The event raised funds to assist students in the program with conferences and board exams later this school year. 

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