Say yes to adding a Kirkwood football team 

Did you play football in high school but never got to showcase your talents at the collegiate level? If so, you will love this article.  

Kirkwood should have a football team instead of flag football intramurals. Students around the state may be good at football without the high GPA required by some schools, preventing them from continuing to playing the sport they love. This is why Kirkwood should have a football team because there is so much hidden talent around this campus, and so many students who would love to play again.  

I had a friend in high school who was a very talented QB, but he got hurt his senior year. He would have been good enough to play for at least a D2 college, but he didn’t have the grades to get into those colleges, so he never really got noticed. He would have fit great into a football program at a community college.  

The Kirkwood women’s basketball team has 13 national titles and the men’s team has 12. The men’s golf team has also won 14 national championships. That is proof that Kirkwood has the talent to make good teams.  

If there was a football team, Kirkwood would receive way more interest from students around the state because they know that they could show off their talents, and maybe make it somewhere bigger after two years.  

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