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‘Hocus Pocus’: A movie review

The movie “Hocus Pocus” starts in Salam, Mass., were the three Sanderson witches attempt to steal the soul of a young child so they can live forever as young baleful women.

After the death of a young villager the townspeople burn the Sanderson sisters at the stake, but not before Winnie, played by Bette Midler, can cast a spell on a candle that will reawaken her and her sisters should the candle ever be relighted.

The sisters are brought back from the dead 300 years later. Will they be able to steal the souls of Salam’s children and live forever?
“Hocus Pocus,” in my opinion, is one of Disney’s best Halloween movies. It’s not overly cheesy or full of special effects like other Halloween movies. It has some fun songs but it also isn’t a full-on Disney musical.

It is my favorite movie to watch every year before Halloween. It’s not scary so kids ages 10 and over would like it, but there are a few moments that might be scary so use caution for younger kids. I’d give it one rotten pumpkin for its lack of scariness.

It is considered a cult classic so while it didn’t bring in a lot of money or do well critically many people who watched as a kid will continue to watch it. I really hope they make a “Hocus Pocus 2.”

A few years ago, Bette Midler said they were working on it. Hopefully they stay true to the original movie and it is just as good as the last since we have been waiting for almost 30 years for the next installment.

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