Marvel halting 2020 production: A blessing?

Marvel Studios
Marvel Studios Logo, Courtesy of Marvel Studios, a subsidiary of Walt Disney Studios.

During the past decade, every year came with two or three big-hitting Marvel movies. Fans of the franchise would gaze at the magical line and the list of movie names that weren’t even given a concrete title yet.  

Sure, the movies had different directors and crews, but it still felt like they were being more manufactured then directed. Superhero movies started to feel less and less interesting.  

Thankfully, some of the films are genuinely good, but the over-saturation of superhero films was definitely there. Maybe with the slowing down of these releases, those who are working on the next film can have more time to flesh out their scripts and have a more concrete direction on where to take their movies.  

With a non-alcoholic beverage in hand, here’s to Marvel Studios and the superhero film genre getting a well-earned break. Cheers.  

Image courtesy of Marvel Studios

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