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‘Nothing But Blackened Teeth’: A Booktok review

“Nothing But Blackened Teeth” is a book that started off with a group of friends traveling to a haunted house where to their friend wanted to elope. 

 They started to tell ghost stories to ‘get the ghosts of the house riled up’.  

Cat, the main character who tells the story of the house, explained the background of the tale.  

Eventually the group started to believe that the story was coming true. Everyone was seeing the dead bride and the other dead brides that were buried within the walls of the house. Eventually Phillip, another character, gets killed due to the hallucinations and alcohol that is involved.  

In the end, they come back and get Phillips’s death an accident. Book Tok really overplayed this book. Everyone who reviewed it stated that you shouldn’t read this book at night and that it was one of the scariest books that they had ever read. I didn’t think this was scary at all. I was a little disappointed with the plot of the story. With it being such a short book, I believe the author could have amped up the plot just a bit to make the reader want to read more.  

I believe that a middle schooler would be okay reading this book and not even nightmares would occur. But that is only my opinion. 

A few other people agree that this book was a bit hyped up. 

According to Kristin on Amazon, “The cover art and the title are the reason I bought this book. It is intriguing that I had to buy it. Sadly, the story itself just didn’t live up to the cover. The author spends more time adding metaphors and similes to every other sentence when she could have been building a terrifying story. You get slivers of info about the characters, but not enough to make you like them, understand them or even just care if they survive the night. At one point, I was actively hope the ghost bride would kill them all just so we could get a break from their constant bickering. The use of the ghost bride is almost nonexistent until the end…” 

She continues on to say, “This book took only a few hours to read. And honestly, if it had been longer, with this style of writing, I wouldn’t have finished it. Because it was so short, I was willing to keep reading in hopes that the finale would really wow me.” Kristin finishes off with, “Overall, this book had so much potential. The main plot, along with the history of the house and the ghost bride SHOULD have left the reader feeling, at the very least, unease. Instead, all I felt was disappointment at the waste of a perfect creepy idea.”

Next up will be a book that will absolutely shatter everyone’s heart. A Thousand Boy Kisses is a book about two teens that met when they where just five years old. They create this bond that creates them inseparable. Eventually their bond is broken when Rune, the boy main character, family is being shipped back to Oslo. This creates heart break and anger within both Rune and Poppy. Stay tuned for the rest of this heart breaking story.  

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