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Rock My World Pt.2

Graphic by Timothy Hall

Creative Writing

Part 2 of 2:

“Tell me how’s it feel, sittin’ up there, 

Feelin’ so high but too far away to hold me… 

You know I’m the one who put you up there, 

Name in the sky, 

does it ever get lonely?” 

Walking through the halls I heard the tune drift to me, and people were looking around with awed expressions. I wondered what was up but all I could do was listen. I was like a puppydog on a leash, pulled by the sound of his words. 

After school I ran to the flower stall in the plaza below my host family’s apartment and I could just smell the flowers. “Bonjour!” the fox running the flower stand was waving to me. He was wearing a green apron around his outfit. He had a wide smile and his toothy grin was cute. “My name is Beau. I heard you wanted to make a little money on the side.” 

“My name is Riles, and yeah! There’s a music performance coming up I’d like to attend, but it costs a little so here I am!” I stretched my arms out wide and he laughed. 

“I see. Well, you’ve found yourself in the right place. I imagine you are talking of Card and the Cardiacs, oui?” 

“Of course! I heard they’re pretty great.” 

“I like to check out their performances myself every now and then. You think you can get a few flowers sold?” he asked, hands on hips. 

I looked around the plaza and saw a couple approaching the fountain. I grabbed some pink roses in a bundle, checked the price, and gave him a mischievous grin. “You betcha!” I said in English, not caring if he understood. I ran off and slowly approached the couple. 

“Good day,” I gave a little bow and the girl giggled. “I have here a couple roses for just 3€. Pink is very romantic!” 

“I have some change…” the lad didn’t look too sure. 

I winked, “Some change is all you need!” 

The girl gave him big round doe eyes, funny seeing as she was a wolf. The dog fished some change from his pockets, and I counted it out to three. “Thank you!” the girl swooned as he smiled and handed her the roses. 

“Splendid!” clapped the Beau as I came back with the pocket money. I held it out to him, “Oh no, you made the sale, you keep it young man.” 

“Thank you!” I pocketed the coins. 

For the rest of the week it was school and flowers, school and flowers, but it would all be worth it to open that door to opportunity, who was still knock knock knocking away. Friday came and I lined up to get my ticket. I couldn’t leave until after dinner, so I was a little late. Thankfully it hadn’t started. It was like the tipping point, like the world was just holding its breath for me. 

I found myself at the back of the crowd, and wished I was closer. Closer, that was the lyrics that sifted through the crowd when my eyes met his. I saw the golden retriever up there on the stage, dancing, singing, wagging his tail. He was magnificent, nothing else like it. I closed my eyes pretending just how close I could be. 

“I know it breaks your heart, 

Move to the city in a broke down car and, 

four years no calls, 

Now you’re looking pretty in a hotel bar… 

So baby, pull me closer in the back seat of your Rover, 

That I know you can’t afford, 

by that tattoo on your shoulder. 

Pull the sheets right off the corner, 

of that mattress that you stole, 

from your roommate back in Boulder, 

We ain’t ever gettin’ older!” 

He whispered it against my lips on his bed, he sang it to the crowd in Ange Bisou Hall. We locked eyes so tight there was no letting go. I didn’t want this moment nor the next to ever end. “Hey,” he said when the performance was over. “I couldn’t help but notice you from across the room.” 

Part II song credits go to, in order of appearance: “Without Me” by Halsey, and “Closer” by the Chainsmokers ft. Halsey.

Image courtesy of Timothy Hall | Kirkwood Communiqué