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Kirkwood offers virtual tutoring

With finals fast approaching, traditional tutoring services are going to be needed for many students to get the help they need to prepare for the last round of major testing before the semester ends. While in-person options are very limited, virtual tutoring is available and Kirkwood has taken steps to make access more readily available with tutors seasoned in e-learning technology. 

 “We have offered online tutoring since 2011. First by Skype and then by Zoom. Our tutors are trained with using Zoom and the tools that are available. So our tutors have had exposure to online tutoring for a number of years,” said Mike Scallon, Support Services Coordinator at the tutoring center.  

Subjects are available across the spectrum, including Accounting, Software Development & Computer Science, Computer Skills, Industrial Technology, Math & Science, Nursing, Prep for College Math. Registration is simple and students can be accommodated quickly after registration. 

“Students just need to go to the Tutoring Services website and locate the Zoom meeting id and log on,” Scallon said.   

Students without access to a traditional laptop or computer can use a smartphone to work with tutors. The library is also offering laptops to borrow if needed and the tutoring center recommends factoring in the purchase of a computer for future use to be prepared for e-learning demands. 

In addition to Zoom, there are other options available to students seeking tutoring services. 

“We are also utilizing Brainfuse. This is a 3rd party vendor that can be accessed thru Talon/Welcome to Talon and the Online Tutoring Link. It is available 24/7 and is a secondary source for student aid also. There is no fee for the students for any of the aid offered through Tutoring Services,” Scanlon added.   

Using Zoom and Brainfuse, the tutoring center is able to provide immediate access to tutoring for students.  Students needing assistance should go to  

Safety is the number one concern of the tutoring center and students are encouraged to continue practicing social distancing during this time. 

“I would just want to remind them of social distancing. If you are working in a study group find a suitable environment that you can still practice common solutions for everyone’s safety,” Scanlon said. 

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