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Sept. 2021 Staff picks: Favorite TV show

My favorite TV show right now is “Downton Abbey.” I really enjoy period dramas. So even though it is kind of predictable what’s going to happen based on history it is really enjoyable. I am really looking forward to the movie coming out next March. I also really like “The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina the Teenage Witch.” They are both on Netflix, so it’s easy to flip between the two if I get bored.  

Jessica McWilliams, Managing and Photo Editor

My favorite TV show is “The Gifted.” This Sci-fi drama shows us a world where mutants are hunted by the federal government. It has two seasons out so far but is a very enjoyable show with nice twists and turns. I also love “Grey’s Anatomy,” it’s the perfect amount of drama, comedy and more to keep you pulled in.

Liam Halawith, Copy and Feature Editor

My favorite TV show is “Solar Opposites.” It is a hilarious show that isn’t very complicated. I love the concept of aliens being stuck on Earth but just live their daily lives alongside humans. The adult comedy likes to take mundane activities and adds a twist when the aliens get involved. They always end up almost destroying the whole town! There is also a side plot involving shrunken humans that build their own society that has a lot of interesting depth and plot.   

Amanda Bollig, Graphics Editor

My favorite TV show is “Making It.” It’s a competition show in which contestants go through challenges and make various things. At the end of each show someone gets eliminated. Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman, from “Parks and Recreation,” are the hosts. It is a hilarious show full of fun and creative people, with many different stories. It shows that anyone can make things out of almost anything. It’s family friendly and fun for them too. 

Zavier Alexander, Creative Director

“South Park” – it’s funny, insightful, and prescient. Not to mention short – perfect entertainment for a quick meal. Anything short and animated works really. As for all this live action hubbub – NO. Don’t do it. Resist it. If you need entertainment longer than 30 minutes choose one of the world’s hundreds of great films. The problem with most shows is they end up filling a lot of time with nonsense and/or nothingness because they have only a limited core of content with which to work. If a story can’t be told in its entirety in one hour and forty-two minutes it’s probably too long and needs to go back to the chopping block that is the editing room.

Andrew Schneider, Web Editor

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