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Movie review: ‘Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings’

Shang-chi poster
Movie poster for Shang-Chi as seen on Sept. 7, 2021. PHOTO BY JESSICA MCWILLIAMS.

“Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” is the latest installment of Marvel’s phase four and the second of the four major Marvel movies in 2021.  It stars Simu Liu as Shaun and Awkwafina as Katy. There is also a ‘blink and you missed it’ appearance of Morgan Freeman.  

The movies started by telling the legend of the ten rings, mystical rings the grant the owner immortality and special powers. Xu Wenwu is the owner of the ten rings, which he used to create an army to gain money and power. Something he has done for thousands of years until he goes looking for Ta Lo a mystical city in the woods. The mystical city of Ta Lo is rumored to have a dragon and other beings that would give him more power, but he falls in love with one of its members which changes his plan.  

After they profess their love and wishes to get married, they are banned from the village and he gives up the rings so he and his wife can grow old together with their children.  

However, they are attacked by a group seeking vengeance for a previous wrong doing of Xu Wenwu and his wife is killed.  

He then reverts to his power-hungry form and trains his son to be an Agent so they can get revenge. Shang Chi flees China for the United States and moves to San Francisco where he lives until the typical Marvel fight scene that brings viewers to present day.   

Marvel is known for having amazing special effects and for this movie they were on point. There was a water maze that was so well animated for a non 3d movie it looked like viewers could reach out and get their hands wet.  The fight scenes were also very well-choreographed.  

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Image courtesy of Jessica McWilliams

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