Be kind to one another: From masking to staying home, we all need to do our part

Nowadays our world is divided down the middle on issues surrounding everything in our lives specifically the current public health crisis we find ourselves in. From masking to vaccines there is a political fissure that we can’t seem to overcome to find common ground. This has led to a lot of hate and malice. There’s already too much hate in the world so as a country we need to find a place of common identity and find ourselves thinking of each other as Americans, as fellow patriots, rather than Conservative or Liberal.  

Lately in our society it seems that the political differences are too great, that we can never overcome them. That isn’t true, instead of seeing each other as enemies we should see each other as neighbors who have differing opinions.  

Instead of finding ways to divide each other we need to find ways to unite, ways to be kind to one another as there is already too much nastiness and not enough kindness in this world.  

So instead of calling each other names and dismissing each other’s views consider their points and try to educate them to yours. Instead of having name calling and bitterness find a genuine discourse.  

Respect one another for simply being here, because you don’t know their story, respect your faculty and staff who help you through your education because they sacrifice so much to be here every day.  

The staff at the Communiqué is asking everyone to be compassionate and respect others’ choices to mask or not mask, to vaccinate or to not vaccinate, to be liberal or conservative. You may disagree but that’s okay discourse is important and vital to the human experience and education. This is a place of learning not a place of hate and name calling so please be respectful.  

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