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April 2021 Staff Picks: Favorite study spot on campus and/or at home

I have a few places I like to go to study or get work done. One such place is my room though it can be hard to concentrate because I have three cats that think my computer is the best place in the world to take a nap on. Another place is my office. I don’t have my Netflix account linked so I can’t watch anything from that computer and I don’t have cats trying to sleep on my keyboard. 

Jessica McWilliams, Managing Editor

On campus, I like to study in a quiet area; one with chairs and a table in case I need to a place to put papers. I talk during my Spanish class, so the spot must be somewhere not a lot of people go to, and if so, they will be on their way rather than wanting to settle for their own studying. It’s important to study somewhere that you can zone out while at the same time, accommodate fellow students so as to not ruin their studying as well. When I do my work at home as a hybrid-class student, I will work in my room, letting myself get comfortable and turning off all nearby electronics so I don’t distract myself. If I do have a TV on, I get distracted, which isn’t good for obvious reasons.  

Chris Klepach, Staff Writer

If you are anything like me, a perfect environment needs to be created before any studying takes place. Unfortunately, that is not always possible with a small living space and two roommates. Luckily, in my apartment complex, I have a comfy lounge room that is almost always empty. I like to go in there, get comfortable on the big couch, and start studying. I love this room because it helps me feel relaxed while I am doing stressful assignments. School can be straining on mental health, so I highly recommend creating or finding a space that helps you stay both focused and relaxed. 

Chloe Gray , Creative Director

Though I don’t have a specific place on campus yet, I normally found an empty table and chair and set up shop when I was on campus. Since I have been at home, I find a spot on either my coffee table or my couch, turn off all devices when I need to really focus, and get to work. When my man comes home, he is nice enough to put in his headphones while he watches things on his computer and lets me study quietly. When I get a new house, I am definitely going to have a sweet office or study room to make working easier and more comfortable. 

Shannon Poitras, Staff Writer

With the pandemic, it’s hard to go anywhere. I miss chilling in between classes in various spots on campus. Now, I usually just stay at home to study. I do occasionally like to go to the West Inn in Marion. They have amazing coffee and food and it’s a nice place to study or relax. 

Amanda Bollig, Graphics Editor

I do my best studying in places that are quiet and sparse on fellow students. For quite a long time I have searched out spots that are secluded and off the beaten track. Somehow the knowledge that I have a “secret” study spot is just as helpful in getting me to study as the quietness of the spot. Covid and the Iowa Hall construction have definitely made things difficult. Some areas of campus are inaccessible or impractical as study spots. Some areas, like the library have a limited number of chairs to encourage social distancing. Other areas on campus have benches sitting on top of benches to prevent students from sitting in those areas. So, I have had to be resourceful. I found a good spot in a “secret” place on campus where there is little to no foot-traffic. I found a comfortable chair that no one was using and I moved it to my study spot. This is what is known as cultivating good study habits. 

Andrew Schneider, Web Editor

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