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Makassar in Indonesia is a Must-See

Akkarena Beach, Makassar
Akkarena Beach, Makassar

CONTRIBUTED: Makassar is one of the largest cities in Eastern Indonesia. It is rich in various species of fish and the beaches are wonderful. For those who enjoy beautiful sunsets on the beach, here are some must-sees: 

Enjoy the romance of Akkarena Beach 

Describe Makassar in one word? Yes, beach! Akkarena Beach is one of the favorites. Sitting along the pier surrounded by glowing lights, looking out at the beauty of nature, with the sea sparkles in the rays of the evening sun breaking through the clouds is as to close to a perfect day in Makassar as one can get. 

Dive into the underwater paradise of Samalona Island 

The atmosphere is similar to Pulau Seribu Pari Island, only the water is much clearer. The coral reefs wave adorably as if inviting you to explore the underwater beauty. Seahorses and colorful fish dance around you, immersing themselves in the serenity under the sea. Any work-related stress disappears with the waves. 

Release your fatigue with the beauty of Khayangan Island 

This island is quite small. But its name provokes the imagination of a very stunning palace where the gods and goddesses reside. Khayangan Island still retains its exquisiteness despite being abandoned by the local tourism industry because it is unable to compete with other modern tourist attractions. A wooden platform jutting into the sea is the best place to enjoy the sea breeze while gazing out at the vast ocean. The best thing to do is to enjoy the sun slipping into the horizon. A bonus is watching the silhouettes of boats passing by. Such an amazing views isn’t found anywhere else. 

Coupled with the flavorful food of the city, Makassar is the most beautiful place to go if you want to dive or enjoy the beautiful views of the sea. 

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