4 Ways to have the best high school experience

CONTRIBUTED: Many students going into high school, or who are already in high school want to know how to have the best experience and leave with the most memories.  

  1. Take part in many school activities. 

What I learned by going out for sports is that they made me get out of my comfort zone and grow significantly as a person. Taking part in sports teaches you time management, introduces you to a lot of new people, and pushes your mentally and physically. Though many people don’t enjoy sports, taking part in other school activities like the prom committee, the school musical, or other clubs are just as meaningful. One is not better than the other. The point is to do as many things as you can. In the end, it’s the memories and the people you meet that matter. Involvement in extracurriculars looks good on college applications and resumés. 

  1. Do things out of your comfort zone 

For instance, classes. It’s better to select classes that will stretch your knowledge and skills, and impress colleges down the road. Don’t just stick to easy, boring classes to keep your GPA up. Your lack of enthusiasm will backfire both in the classroom and beyond. More things to do outside your comfort zone include asking questions to teachers if you don’t normally do that, or attempting to have a planner, or try new things like instruments or singing, who knows you might be good at it. A few things I did outside my comfort zone were donating blood, participating in choir and taking a sewing class. 

  1. Be yourself 

Plenty of people try to change themselves to “fit in” in high school. Everyone wants to be in the cool clique. But that should never be the case. It’s important to find people who share your interests. Find people who will stick with you in high school. From personal experience, having a big group of friends is nice at moments, but it’s always better to have a small group of people you know you can count on. 

  1. Keep your grades up 

Keeping your grades up is not necessarily a part of “having the best high school experience,” because school just doesn’t sound fun. But having good grades keeps you from the stresses that come with failing, especially if you plan to go to college. Having good grades makes it 10x easier to get into the college you want and shows you can work hard. 

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