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Student poetry: “Festive Waves”

Festive Waves

Fresh radishes and lettuce, garden to table 

Splashing in the pool in an 85-degrees sun. 

But not here, no, not here.

Whirling winds and rainy cold frosty mornings 

With pensive posts of “Worst spring ever.”

Let’s laugh though, knowing, spring’s mischief 

Cannot last, spring itself wants to be free with 

Freewheeling fun on fabulous festive waves.

Spring heals the human heart, for spring and 

The human heart are friends and spirits akin.

So, who is to blame for the shared misery of 

worrying weather and wayward wind?

Wicked winter hasn’t whispered for weeks. 

Mother nature naturally shrugs and winks. 

It’s happened before, impatient perceptions

Making it seem “stay inside” forever will last.

But the world is tilting and soon we will be 

Exploring spring rivers and lakes and streams 

With sun on the water, sun on the sand

Picking chanceably activities of the day with 

Soft jazzy eighth notes lighting the quietness 

On warm spring patios of pizza with friends.